BSAG Productions & Longline Productions


an outward bound story.

An admirably uncynical and uplifting watch; a rare comedy gem.
— Calum Henderson, NZ Herald

Synopsis: Darryl Walker is a lost soul with a handlebar moustache.  An aspiring long distance runner, he recently collapsed during the closing stages of the Taranaki Mountain to Surf Marathon and became an internet sensation for all the wrong reasons.  Ever since that shameful day, he’s locked himself indoors and surrounded himself with self help books and motivational CD’s.  But his self esteem is fast running out and the pessimistic voice in his head is about as helpful as mudguards on a tortoise.  The only thing that keeps him running is his obsession to win the next Taranaki marathon.  So much so that he has just enrolled in an Outward Bound ‘8 Day Adult Discovery’ course at the famed location of Anakiwa in the South Island.  In a desperate bid to ‘sharpen the saw’ and silence the ‘minotaur’ in his mind, Darryl is hoping Outward Bound will provide him with the necessary skills to ‘run for his life’ and win back his pride.

Created by: Millen Baird

Written by: Millen Baird & John Argall

Produced by: Kerry Warkia

Directed by: Kiel McNaughton

With: Millen Baird, Fasitua Amosa, Owen Black, Rachel Blampied, Glen Levy, Siobhan Marshall, Shavaughn Ruakere & Toby Sharpe.

Packaged as either: 10 x 8 - 12 minute Web Series / 4 x 22'30" TV Series / 90 minute Feature