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This Is Piki

Based on an idea by Cliff Curtis & Lara Northcroft / Written by Briar Grace-Smith & Victor Rodger

Produced by Kerry Warkia & Lara Northcroft / Directed by Kiel McNaughton


This Is Piki is a series about a young girl who has a desire and determination to share her thoughts with the world through her music. But before she can do that she needs to figure out who she is and where she comes from.

Piki is a dreamer, a writer and a performer. Extremely talented in kapa haka and composing her own tunes, she often drifts off into fantasies where she is the subject of a documentary about her rise to fame as a singer/songwriter. She works at KAPUA - a hangi and concert business in Rotorua - where she has great friendships with Louie and May (two other performers) and is developing a more intimate relationship with Carl, the hot new guy. The owner of the business, Te Maru Kapua, treats Piki like his own daughter, something his wife Huia is not happy about because she has high hopes for their own daughter Ani who also performs in the kapa haka group. By all accounts Piki is happy with her life in Rotorua - even though she has dreams of making it big. It isn’t until she has a falling out with the Kapua whānau that she realises she doesn’t have anyone in her life she can really turn to or count on to be there for her. It hurts her to realise she is alone. It is then that she decides to leave Vegas and journey up to Tāmaki to try and make it on her own - to discover who she really is. But she has a secret agenda - to track down her mother and find out who her father is.

Packaged as:

8 x 26'00" TV Series